Tree Stand Safety

Take a STAAND – Your Life Depends On It !


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How Hard Will You Hit

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√     Always use a full-body harness and stand recognized by TMA
√      Always stay attached to the tree from the moment your feet leave the ground
√      Always inspect your stand for damage or wear before use
√      Always read the instructions & practice with your safety gear and stand
√      Always use a haul line for your gear
√      Always unload your gun or bow prior to pulling up or letting down
√     Always inspect the tree prior to placing a stand
√     Always ensure that the stand is secured well to the tree
√    Always have a means for communication on you (cell phone, whistle, etc.)
√     Always let others know where you’re hunting (plan your hunt, hunt your plan)
√     Always secure your tether high enough so that it is snug when you sit down
√     Always clear rocks and any sharp debris away from the base of the tree
√    Always use your suspension relief system if you’re unable to self-rescue
√     Never alter your stand or safety equipment
√     Never climb a tree if you are not feeling well or on medication
√     Never jump on your stand or lean out over the edge
√     Never leave your stand in place year around
√     Never use limbs as steps
√     Never use a single belt or chest strap in place of a full-body harness




VDGIF sponsors a team of volunteer instructors trained as advanced trainers in all aspects of treestand safety. They are all National Bow Hunter Education certified and also teach the NBEF treestand safety course. In addition, they train all Virginia Hunter Education instructors in treestand safety, put on public education displays at major hunting shows around the state, and teach and promote treestand safety at hunting workshops and hunter events.
Contact:           Ken Carter
(804) 360-7456 or (804) 382-2982


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