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VHEA has created an on-line forum specifically for connecting withVirginia Hunter Education Instructors.  It’s a great way to voice opinions, discuss ideas, solve problems and otherwise communicate with your local teaching peers.  

To get started contact the forum administrator at and provide your full name, Instructor ID # and desired user name. Your account will be set up for you and a temporary login will be sent to you.

Check out the forum by clicking on the image below:



 The National Shooting Sports Foundation makes their safety and conservation educational materials available to hunter education instructors.  Per the order form, “This literature line-up is available free in quantities of up to 100 each annually if requested by volunteer hunter and firearms safety education instructors and is economically bulk-priced for purchase by state agencies, manufacturers, retailers and other groups.”  To see the selection offered or to download the order form go to


Remington offers FREE Hunter Education packages for qualified hunting, educational, or gun safety instructors and educational programs (U.S. only). The package includes the following:

25 1000 Commandments of Safety Flyer

4 Remington Shotgun/Shotshell Poster

4 Remington Centerfire Rifle/Ammo Poster

25 Remington Decal

25 Remington Lapel Pin

Your request should include one of the following:

     •    Letterhead of the educational organization

     •    Hunter Education Instructor card or certificate (this may be

          state issued or come from a national organization)

     •    Range Officer card or certificate

Include the address of where you would like the package shipped. Because the materials are customarily shipped via UPS, Remington cannot ship to a post office box. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

You can fax your request to:

Attention: Hunter Ed Package

Or mail it to:

Remington Arms Co.
Attn: Hunter Ed Package
870 Remington Drive
P.O. Box 700
Madison, NC 27025-0700


 Release – Hunter Ed Live Fire

VHEA Sponsored Hunt Rules



Robert Burns of Austin Outdoors makes the Austin line of treestands available to Hunter Education Instructors at wholesale prices.  Contact Robert at 704-771-3114 for pricing and to place an order.  Multiple payment options are offered; you will need to provide your instructor ID number.  See the SuperMag line of stands at


Brunton offers a significant discount to instructors on binoculars, compasses and GPS units.  Contact them for availability and pricing at 800-443-4871 or e-mail a request  You will need to provide copy of your instructor certificate.  They accept only pre-paid (credit card) orders. View the products at


VHEA is set-up with Cabela’s for discounts on products purchasesfor hunter education use only and NOT for personal use. Orders are screened based on products purchased.  If this is abused, VHEA will lose the discount privilege.

VHEA is currently a “level 1 account”.  Discounts are based on volume of sales and will vary from 0-10% based on the product. If as an organization we purchase over $5,000.00 annually we will change to “level 2” and can receive up to a 15% discount.  In the event of a sale, you will be charged whichever is lower – sale price or discount.

To place an order, call 800-242-1596. 7 AM – 7 PM Monday –Friday CST.  Internet orders will not recognize the discount code, so orders must be called in.  In-store purchases are possible through the Customer Service desk.  For all orders provide the VAHEA account number 56625076 at the beginning of your order.  The main account mailing address is 1267 4-H Camp RD Appomattox, VA 24522; you will be asked to provide a different address for shipping purposes.

The web site for product details is


Instructors are entitled to purchase two guns per year through the instructor discount program.  Click here for the form.  Fill in the form and send it to along with a copy of your instructor ID and a current copy of a FFL where you want it shipped to.   There is a $10.00 charge per gun for shipping, and no sales tax is charged for orders shipping to Virginia.


Members of the IHEA-USA are eligible for discounts on a long list of products in addition to those listed here.  Visit for a full listing of manufacturers and more details.

Offers discounted rates on most of their bows and accessories; instructors may purchase one bow per year.  For discount pricing, contact Adrik Wahl at 520-594-5179 or via e-mail to You will need to provide copy of your instructor certificate. The fax number is 520-884-1479.They accept only pre-paid (credit card) orders. See their web site at


Offers a discount on stands.  Call Customer Service at 256-353-0634.  You will need to e-mail them a copy of your HE identification to  Once your active status is confirmed they will send you an order form with the discount information.  Go to to view the products line.

Discount programs run January 1 – December 1 of each calendar year. 


Click here to see the flyer for Otis’ NEW Instructor Discount Program.  Each instructor who has a valid ID on file at Otis is eligible for 40% off of MSRP, up to $300 per year.  This enables instructors to purchase items from either the Hunting/Sporting Line, or the Law Enforcement Line. 

Click here for information on the Student Discount Program.

Otis also offers free instructional literature such as instructional sheets, bore reflectors that double as a safety and the Student Discount Flyers (link above) that can be handed out in classes.  Instructors can also purchase additional cleaning systems to use in the classrooms with a new 20% off discount.  Please note that shipping charges will apply to these types of purchases.

Visit to see the full product line. 


As members of the International Hunter Education Association, you have the opportunity take advantage of a great offer from Tri-Tronics.  We are pleased to offer all active IHEA members a 20% discount on any of our e-collar training systems (limit 2 per year). 

Since 1968, Tri-Tronics is the recognized industry leader in electronic dog training equipment by top dog training professionals and avid hunters.  We manufacture Remote Trainers, Bark Limiters, Beeper Collars, and Bird Releasing Systems. Tri-Tronics is the only major e-collar manufacturer that can claim “Made in the USA”.

To take advantage of either of these options or for more information, please contact Warner Smith, 520-290-6000 ext. 7403 or  For a complete list of Tri-Tronics products visit


Offers a discount on trail cameras.  Here’s how:

1) Contact Matt Bender at or 612-991-6547

2) Scan your Hunter Ed Identification and e-mail it or call for fax instructions

3) Place your order and you will receive the discount

Go to to view the product descriptions.